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What You Need to Know About Domain Name Transfer

Domain Name Transfer

When an individual or a company obtains a domain name, he/she must register this domain name with a domain name registrar. There are many different registrars available, each of which offers different features. In order for an individual to register his/her domain name, he/she must provide a registrar with as specified fee, usually annually. Some registrars require a larger annual fee than others and, as a result, domain holders may wish to transfer domain names.

A domain name refers to the process of moving or transferring a domain name from one registrar to another. There are a number of reasons that an individual may choose to transfer domain names.

When an individual decides to complete a domain name transfer, he/she must obtain some fundamental information from his/her current registrar, including the authentication code, and he/she must have domain locks removed. Then an individual can contact his/her desired registrar and inform the company of his/her desire to transfer domain names.

The new registrar will ask for the authentication code and will subsequently contact the old registrar. The domain holder will be contacted by the old registrar in order to confirm the transfer request. When the transfer is complete, the domain holder will be contacted by the new registrar. All of the information exhibited on the website prior to the transfer should remain on the site and continue to function properly. This process usually takes around five days.

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