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Domain Hosting Defined

Domain Hosting

The term domain hosting refers to a type of service that allows customers to obtain space, which is subsequently used to exhibit websites on a computer server. A server is a very large and powerful computer, which contains an extensive amount of memory. When an individual wants to obtain a website presence, he/she must rent space on a server. Servers remain connected to the internet at all times. When a server is down or malfunctioning, the associated websites cannot be accessed.

Each server has an individual and unique Internet Protocol Address, which is a numerical code that identifies the server. There are a variety of different types of domain hosting available. An individual can obtain hosting that costs an excessive amount of money, or he/she can obtain free hosting. Generally, if an individual obtains free hosting, which is usually allocated for low-traffic, personal websites, advertisements and banners will be exhibited on his/her web page.

The type of domain hosting that an individual obtains will be dependent upon what he/she is trying to achieve. In most instances, an individual who is trying to create a professional website for a business or company will purchase web hosting in order to avoid the presence of unwanted advertisements on the web page. When an individual purchases web hosting, he/she will also be required to obtain a domain name.

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