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What are Cyber Laws

Cyber Laws

Cyber laws can be defined as legislation, legality, and practice of lawful, just, and ethical protocol involving the internet, as well as alternate networking and informational technologies. Due to the inherent lack of tangibility within the realm of Cyber Law, such as websites in lieu of physical documents and email in lieu of letters, the prospect of Cyber Law is a legal field which is ever-evolving.

Oftentimes, aspects of Cyber Law mirror tangible legal issues:

1. Cyber Law, like copyright and patent law, addresses the use of digital information, while exploring and defining the parameters of intellectual property and their potential violations.

2. Cyber Law, like real estate and property law, addresses a form of ‘online real estate’ involving the purchase and sale of domain names and URL’s.

3. Cyber Law, like contract law, broaches the topic of the validity of online contracts and agreements.

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