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Program Hacker Role

Program Hacker

A computer hacker will often depend upon programs to hack computers and networks. Hacker programs are designed to infiltrate computer systems in order to create complications within the system or to gain access to information contained within the system.

A program hacker can use a variety of different methods to achieve whatever his/her desired goal may be. For example, a computer virus is a type of program that is designed to enter into a computer system and cause serious complications in the system. These hacker programs duplicate within the computer and cause the computer to crash or erase all of the information existing on a computer's hard drive.

There a number of methods through which a hacker can introduce a virus into a computer. For example, he/she may infiltrate a system and plant a virus. However, more often a hacker will develop a virus and distribute the program in website downloads, instant messages, and e-mails. When the distribution source is opened, the virus will enter into a computer system.

Other types of hacker programs are created in order to provide a computer hacker with access to information in a computer. These programs work by locating unprotected pathways that allow access to network systems. This is known as gaining backdoor access to a computer or a network.

Computers, especially personal computers, often maintain limited security which allows hackers to locate pathways that permit access to a system. A hacker may also use a Trojan horse to obtain backdoor access by infecting a network, system, or computer.

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